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Everything has its place in health and medicine, and Dr. Cissell tries to be a voice for wellness in the community and affect one life at a time. There is no shortage of sick people and people in pain with various conditions. Therefore, as a chiropractic physician, in addition to acute care, Dr. Cissell incorporates many areas of wellness into the health center, including massage therapy, weight loss, nutrition, acupuncture, therapies such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice, heat, manual muscle therapy and manual decompression.

Dr. Cissell’s passion and commitment to chiropractic is reflective in how sincere and honest he is to his patients. They are like family and he wants to help them and their loved ones in any way he can with all their health goals. Dr. Cissell takes pride in providing gentle care for each patient. Adjustments do not have to be forced and we have more than one technique to get the job done. Dr. Cissell enjoys working with patients from babies to adults and particularly enjoy treating local athletes. He is proud to be a part of the “Channookan” community and reside in the area with his lovely wife and family.

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Darren Cissell, BSc, DC

I was born and raised in beautiful western Canada. I split my pre-med studies between the University of Calgary, Canada, and the University of Hawaii. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree, I had the travel bug and ventured the high seas working for Princess Cruises. Following that adventure, I pursued another passion and worked in the motion picture industry working my way up to a Production Coordinator and Assistant Director for Disney, NBC, Paramount, and the Discovery Channel among several others.

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Chiropractic is amazingly simple. Chiropractic is remarkably safe. And chiropractors can be helpful for a variety of health problems-problems that rarely resolve on their own.
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