Why Choose Us?

Choosing Your Chiropractor

We have been serving Minooka, Channahon and the neighboring communities since 2003 and most of our patient base has been through word of mouth. Patients deserve all options whether it is for pain-relief, corrective care, preventative and supportive care, or seeing another health practitioner. Frankly, Dr. Cissell has never been the type of chiropractor that ropes patients into coming in for some long-winded treatment plan, claim to cure everything, or ask patients for large sums of money upfront at some discounted rate thereby forcing them to come in. Although we can be as busy as Dr. Cissell is fast some days, we are not your run-of-the-mill clinic that has our patients coming in like an assembly line.

We try and take our time with each patient often incorporating passive therapies such as manual decompression, manual muscle therapy, ultrasound, E-stimulation, ice and moist heat therapy. We also discuss home nutrition, exercises and precautions with patients’ active daily living in order to help prevent future exacerbations in their conditions, and encourage wellness, prevention and regular check-ups with their primary care physicians.

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