Stretching Exercises

Help restore muscular balance, improve your body’s movement, flexibility, and stability needed to prevent future injuries. We teach the patient how to prevent the pain from reoccurring to reduce future flare-ups.

Additionally, we discuss techniques for maintaining proper posture, improving lifting mechanics or workouts, and determining “Do’s and Don’ts” related to certain jobs or daily activities.

It’s not all about chase pain. It is important to understand that where the pain often presents is not the area that needs to be treated. Pain in one area is often compensatory for other areas dysfunction.
The effectiveness of treatment depends on the patient’s commitment to their therapeutic exercises and following the doctor’s recommendations. Improving the patient’s function, as opposed to simply managing the symptoms, can have a significant impact on injury reduction. Chiropractic adjustments make people feel better, but appropriate exercises and stretching is essential for long-term positive outcomes.

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